Four Good Reasons To Schedule A Waterless Detail

4 reasons for waterless details

If you've never heard of waterless detailing, you're not alone. While this amazing auto detailing service is growing in popularity with auto detailing companies nationwide, some vehicle owners are still hesitant to take advantage of it. They may feel like waterless detailing could damage their vehicle, or they may not believe that it'd work as well as another exterior auto detailing service, such as complete exterior detail.

We're here to tell you, vehicle owners of Medford, that you shouldn't be afraid of waterless detailing! In fact, we're going to give you four good reasons why you should schedule a waterless detail service today.

#1: Waterless Detail Saves A Great Deal Of Water

When you're running your car through a car wash, or you've scheduled a traditional exterior auto detailing service, a lot of water is used. We're talking upwards to 60 gallons of water used during the process of a car wash or exterior detailing!

The only time we use water during a water detailing service is when we use distilled water to dilute our cleaning solution. Otherwise, there is no water used at all during the rest of the service, and we guarantee that the process causes no harm to your vehicle whatsoever!

#2: Waterless Detail Will Make Your Car Shine More Than Ever

Waterless cleaning solutions used during a waterless detail are incredibly powerful. These environmentally-friendly cleaning components tackle dirt in two ways.

  • A wax component traps dirt
  • The wax component makes dirt easier to rub away

The wax component in waterless cleaning solutions makes it easier to eliminate dirt and grime from the surface of your car. They also make it shine by leaving a protective sheen on your vehicle, making it that much harder for dirt and grime to eat into it.

#3: Waterless Detailing Doesn't Use A Lot Of Tools

Without the need for water, waterless detail eliminates the need for abrasive brushes or water streams. Instead, all we really need to complete the job is our solution, some distilled water, and a microfiber cloth or two. Without the need for abrasive tools, the paint job on your vehicle is protected.

#4: Waterless Detailing Can Save You Money In The End

How, exactly, is waterless detail good for your wallet? Give us a call today, and we can give you a multitude of ways that waterless detail helps you save money. In the meantime, we can tell you that waterless detail:

  • Helps cut down your water bill
  • Reduces the risk of needing to repair damaged paint
  • May not take as long as typical detailing, saving you money in billable service hours
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