What Makes Auto Detailing Better Than A Car Wash?

What makes auto detail better than car wash

Many vehicle owners don't think that there's much of a difference between taking a vehicle through a car wash or taking it for an auto detailing. In fact, there are some vehicle owners who believe that the car wash is more efficient than an auto detailing service!

Is there really a difference between the car wash and an auto detailing service? Yes - and truthfully, there are several differences. Today, we're going to go through a few of the biggest differences between taking your car through the car wash and scheduling an auto detailing service.

Auto Detailing Provides A Human Touch That A Car Wash Doesn't

While there are still some car washes out there that require you to wash your car by hand, the majority these days are automated. Even when you have the option to go to a traditional car wash, be honest - you go for the automated one!

Automated car washes rarely, if ever, get the outside of your car as clean as you think they do. Why is this? It's because they don't provide the human touch that, say, a complete exterior detail service provides. So, when you want a true exterior vehicle clean done right, choose a quality auto detailing service - like us - to do the job!

It's A Real Treat For Your Car, Inside And Out

Professionals, like our friendly auto detailing pros at Rogue Mobile Detailing, really know how to treat a vehicle during a quality washing. Your car deserves to be pampered after a long week on the road, and boy, do we know how to pamper it.

A high-quality auto detailing service is just like treating your vehicle to a spa day. After all it does for you, doesn't it truly deserve such a service? In the end, like we say, when your car looks better, it helps you feel better!

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